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What we do

At Gyre we understand that getting by in university can be challenging for the majority of students out there. More often than not, government maintenance support is not even enough to cover basic living costs. Consequently, the majority of students don’t have enough disposable income to maintain fulfilling, healthy and social lives.

Gyre is a mobile marketplace where university students can buy, sell and swap their second hand items locally, within their university. Our app provides a safe platform that makes it easy to list unwanted items locally, to earn some extra cash and find great deals on things you want, all the while staying connected with your fellow students on campus.



Save Money

Find the items you want at reasonable prices. Also, swapping with other students is as easy as swiping right.


Make Money

Advertise your unwanted items directly in the app and sell to fellow students. No fees to worry about.



Meet students locally to buy, sell or swap items. Simple!



Give your unwanted items a new home.


Live Green

Reduce waste through environmentally friendly trading.




The Explore section is where you search for items to buy. Here you simply scroll through the items that are currently available around your university campus. With the option of a search bar, you are able to refine and filter your feed to better suit what you are looking for.

You can search in your own university or see what students in other universities have up for grabs.


In this section you can view items that are available for swapping. Discover has a Tinder style interface, where you can swipe right to like an item and left to pass on it. When you match with other students you can use the built in messaging to arrange the swap.

As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. So why buy when you can swap for free?



Gyre is a community powered marketplace. The more students we have on the platform, the more valuable it becomes for each student. We have incorporated a number of features such as a ‘Requests’ page where you can view the students you have matched with, students who are interested in the things you have to swap and a quick view to see what they have to offer.

So if you like what you see, start sharing with your friends to experience the full potential of the Gyre community.

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